As a newborn Lachlan received a ‘not clear’ result on his new born hearing screening test, however, his parents weren’t worried. He appeared to be responding to noises and there was no history of hearing loss in the family. At 4 weeks Lachlan was diagnosed with a moderately severe hearing loss; news that changed his family’s life forever.

Lachlan’s family were immediately concerned about his future. Would he be teased? Would he have friends? Would he be able to speak normally? These were all questions that went through their minds.

Lachlan’s parents researched their options and chose their local First Voice Centre, confident that with their support they would be able to do anything he wanted in life.

Lachlan quickly received his hearing aids, and the family’s life changed once more. As his mum, Michelle says,

“The day Lachlan received his hearing aids was one of the best days of my life. Before the  hearing aids were turned on Lachlan never smiled. Seeing Lachlan’s facial expression change almost immediately when the hearing aids were turned on was the most magical thing I have ever seen.”

Lachlan, now almost 4, continues to attend sessions at his First Voice Centre, Taralye, where he is also enrolled in 4-year-old kinder. 

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