Mia and Halle’s Story

When Tara discovered her first child Mia had moderate hearing loss, a few days after her birth, she was devastated.

“It was so unexpected. Dealing with a newborn for the first time is hard enough, let alone the shock of failing the screen. It really sent us into a spin,” she recalled.

A year later Tara’s second child, Halle, was diagnosed with the same hearing loss as her sister. Tara and husband Drew were sad but recognised their daughters shared a special bond that would support them throughout life.

The family was referred to The Shepherd Centre by their hospital and Tara says the experience has been amazing and the support outstanding. Wanting to give back, Tara and Drew threw a ‘Crazy Hair Week’ at their dance school last year for Loud Shirt Day to raise funds and awareness for The Shepherd Centre. This year they are planning a Morning Tea cake stall.

“We have been supported so much by The Shepherd Centre, it’s a joy to show some support back. I also think it’s a great way to increase awareness of hearing loss and the work The Shepherd Centre does.”

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