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Cora Barclay Centre

My name is Lexi and I am so excited that you are here because it means you are getting ready to register for Loud Shirt Day, right?

Everyone loves Loud Shirt Day! It’s a time when you can make as much noise as you like, wear crazy clothes, and throw LOUD parties at home or work, all while you are raising money to support deaf and hearing impaired kids just like me.

The Cora Barclay Centre is like a home away from home for me. I have learnt so much about listening and speaking that sometimes people don’t even know I have a hearing impairment and wear hearing aids, because I am such a chatter box – how good is that?

Getting registered is really easy – just follow these steps:

  1. Click the register button 
  2. Create your username and password to your Loud Shirt Day fundraising page (if you have participated before you can use those details).
  3. Complete the registration form in a couple of steps.

And you’re finished - Well Done!

The Cora Barclay team will then give you a ring to sort out your registration and chat with you about what happens next.

Till then, Thank you again for GETTING LOUD with me this year.


Cora Barclay Centre

The Cora Barclay Centre provides vibrant and innovative family focused services for infants, children and students who are deaf aged 0-18 years, forty percent of whom have additional disabilities. Highly qualified therapists provide auditory verbal therapy facilitating audition, speech and language development. Services include early intervention; support for school students; audiology and cochlear implant clinic, family counsellor and a youth mentoring and training program. The Centre has an international reputation for its service provision and has won national and international awards.
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