Eddie’s story

I received Cochlear implants at 4 years old after losing my hearing. Without the Hear and Say centre my life would be very different. I’m 10 now – I go to mainstream school, I can read, I can write and I can stand up in front of my friends and share my story. I can play the sports I love and hear the cheers from the sideline. My world is full of sound. The Hear and Say centre really does change the lives of hearing impaired children. Please share my story and support them. 

Archer's story

Archer was born with seriously impaired hearing which was a shock to our family. The day that Archer received his cochlear implants was the day his hearing, listening and speaking future began. He is now two and a half years old and his progress is amazing, not missing a moment of every day! Archer's family are so grateful for the wonderful support Hear and Say provide each week, giving the gift of sound and speech to deaf children.  

Maia's story

As first time parents we were totally overwhelmed and in shock when Maia was born without a left ear. No-one was able to provide any answers in the hospital until we got in touch with Hear and Say who explained she had a rare condition called Microtia and Atresia. Hear and Say have a dedicated Microtia and Atresia program and run an annual conference which has helped to provide us with the latest information on reconstructive surgery options, hearing devices and support. Maia is now absolutely thriving and we know she has a bright future ahead of her.  

Amelie and Xaviers' stories

Amelie’s birth was no different to a great deal of other children – what she didn’t know and what we were to find out was that she was born profoundly deaf. After hearing this news we reached out to Hear and Say who welcomed us with open arms. Their guiding hand and nurturing environment has seen Amelie excel in speech and  comprehension which has been like watching a dream come true for both Tash and myself. When Amelie’s brother Xavier was born we were hoping for the best but quietly prepared for the worst. We now have both of our children enrolled at Hear and Say.

Emelia’s story

We became a Hear and Say family about 2 years ago; our daughter Emelia was diagnosed at 6 weeks old with a moderate-severe sensorineural hearing loss. Emelia has worn her pink hearing aids since she was 12 weeks old. We are so excited to see what Emelias’s future holds, with the support of Hear and Say all our initial worries around her diagnosis are gone.

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