Support Hear and Say and Register for Loud Shirt Day!

The challenge is out for Queensland to get LOUD this October to help give the
gift of sound and speech to deaf kids.


The concept of LOUD Shirt Day is simple: Get LOUD for deaf kids. You’ll be joining a community of very LOUD, very passionate supporters! It’s simple to host a Loud Shirt Day with your family, friends, school, workplace or community! Don your most outrageous shirt for a dollar coin donation or host your own LOUD events like a morning tea, BBQ or fashion parade! Check our ‘Tools and Tips’ and ‘Be Inspired’ pages for heaps of bright ideas!

LOUD Shirt Day is a great way to educate your community and staff to understand hearing issues and how children can learn to listen and speak through early intervention. 

We’ll be celebrating across the State, with a few surprises along the way. LOUD Shirt Day is a national community initiative which was developed to help children affected by hearing loss to live life loudly. It began in 2007 and has raised more than half a million dollars in Queensland alone. Don’t have a LOUD shirt? No worries, you can support Hear and Say by purchasing one of ours here!

Our goal in 2017 is to be LOUDER than ever, and surpass all previous years by raising more than $100,000. But we need your help! So, save the date (Friday the 6th of October) and register to help open more worlds for our HEARos.

Hear and Say

An early intervention program for children who are deaf or hearing impaired and their families. Hear and Say uses hearing technology like cochlear implants and hearing aids, combined with Auditory-Verbal Therapy to teach deaf children to listen and speak with clear natural language. Our goal is to fully integrate these children within the hearing community.

85 heroes fundraising today.


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